Easy Guide to Surfing

If you are exercise freak then I am suggesting you a very good exercise which helps you to maintain cardiovascular fitness, shoulder and back muscles and leg and core muscles, that exercise is known as surfing. It is not necessary that you only have to be a workout freak that also a very enjoyable game for any other person.

Surfing is a very good activity to spend time and to enjoy the natural beauty and also helps in releasing stress and pressure after the hectic routine. Surfing is not an easy play that it looks but you have not to worry about that, I teach you some simple steps to start surfing.

Big surfing board

First of all, you have to take a big surfing board because it helps you to develop a good balance and balance in surfing is the most important thing. Some people suggest using small boards but it is difficult for those who never surfed, so, I suggest you use a big surfing board in the start.

Sitting on board

You should spend your time sitting on the board and do not try to stand because you have to see the balance first and dynamics of surrounding to understand the situation.

Be careful and seek teaching from coach

You have to be careful while having your first surf and before that you have to find a suitable beach where the waves are not wild for you and you can handle the shocks of waves. You have to be near your coach if any, and you should seek your coach’s teaching.

Surf on edges of the sea

Start surfing from where the water is not too low and not so high. When you start surfing from low water it boosts your confidence and helps you to go to some high waves. It is not a one go step you have to spend some time like a week or two weeks. It depends upon your ability how enthusiastic you are to go inside the waves.

Start paddling and go inside slowly

When you are inside the sea slowly start paddling and believe in you that it is a fun game. When you are taking your first ride think that the waves are your friends and want to be your friend and believe that they are supporting you to surf. With the passage of time, you gain the confidence and enjoy more in this healthy recreational activity.

Stand perpendicularly on board

When paddling will become good then try to stand in a perpendicular direction and use your back feet to control your directions.

Have fun

Remember that you do not have to take any tension after seeing big players of surfing; they were the same as you are now. You will fall in beginning but slow and steady wins the race. Have fun!