How to Skydive

It is a very unique activity to jump from a plane at one-twenty miles per hour to land. Skydiving is one of the activities that provide excitement and energy boost to your body. Following are the guides on how to skydive on different occasions.

Parachute Association Website

At first, if you have an excitement of skydiving you will have to get a license for it from the national country’s parachute association website. For example, you will have to contact the British Parachute Association in the UK to allow you to skydive in the closest safe area as much as possible.


Placement Jump

Many people in their first skydiving activity prefer to perform a placement jump. In a placement jump, you will be attached to a person or an instructor for your safety to jump while both have a single parachute for landing but large enough to be landed. This is kind of doing nothing with you and enjoying the view while the instructor does all the work. It is very easy and training is carried out of it.

Speed up Collapse

Another type of jump that is preferred is speed up collapsible jump. The training is carried out in a skydiving school of about five to six hours in the main area. In this type of jump, you will have to get the help of instructors. One will help onto your back when exiting the plane and get you to do speed up accelerated collapse positioning jump in your skydiving. The second instructor will provide help through the radio to microphone contact where he will tell you on where to land and how much ground is covered to help you in your position to accelerate to jump. There are several types of jumps but the most convincing is the unchanged area jump. However, this jump has lost its popularity during the recent years but it is still carried out.


You may get a lecture from your instructor where he will guide on how to jump from the plane or how to opens the parachute and how to get stable in air and so on. In this lecture, you will have to listen to the instructor carefully because his advice may get handy in your skydiving.


You will have to listen to your instructor on how to land and it will help you in the near future to land by yourself safely and easily. It is will be