How to Start Fishing step-by-step Guide

1.   Getting Started

First thing first, in the beginning, you will need a graphite pole, cane or fiberglass. The graphite pole can be bought from local fishing shops near docks. The price of these things should not be much higher but can be bought cheaply.

2.   Bait

The fishing can’t be done without a bait as you will have to attract the fish to your pole. At first, you will have to buy baits such as red worms to catch a fish. The red worms can be found easily underwood stumps and wood log.

3.   Fishing License

You cannot fish until you have a fishing license. The fishing license is different for each country and depending on the area you want to fish. The fishing license is expensive but can be obtained from natural fishing departments. They are about 30-40$ and even double for foreigners. The fishing license is the one that a person must have to do fishing.

4.   Fishing Line

The fishing rod must have a short hook as it increases the chance of catching a fish. If you have a short pole you must look for a large gauge. This means the smaller the hook more chance to catch a fish in the surrounding area.

5.   Choosing the Bait

As everyone knows that water life depends on insects and small creatures. The bait you are choosing must be alive that then the fish can attract attraction towards the bait which can be turned out to be a very reasonable result. Some popular baits for fishing Red worms, Fish eggs and fresh meat.

6.   Match Hook to Bait

Now, as you ready to catch a fish you must assign your bait of fish an applicable hook. This can be available in many sizes. At first, if you want to tie the bait to the hook you must tie it to the opposite end with the help of a knot and then you are ready to go.

7.   Catching the Fish

The pole trembles and you should not panic, what you should do is get the pole above your head and start scrolling down the gauge. As you get the fish out of water raise the hook up gently. Point it towards up and the fish comes up to you.

8.   Fish Storage

The fish has now been caught only the problem remains where to keep it? A bucket can be used to keep fish, but you can also use a net to keep trapped the fish. Now simply throw the fish in the buck and repeat fishing.